Pat Snyder Makes Education Pledge to Wausau Area Families

October 5, 2016                                                                         Contact: Pat Snyder(715) 573-3703

Pat Snyder Makes Education Pledge to Wausau Area Families

Wausau...Pat Snyder, candidate for the 85th Assembly District, pledged that if elected, he will not support a state budget that doesn’t include an increase in funding for public schools.

“Education must be our top priority in the next state budget and I pledge that I will vote against Governor Walker’s budget if it doesn’t include increased funding to our public schools,” said Snyder. “As a father of a local school teacher, I know just how important education is for our families, our community, and our state.”

Snyder has heard directly from Wausau area residents about their concerns on education funding as he goes door-to-door throughout the district. Snyder is also worried that funding levels aren’t keeping up with the needs of our students.

“Wisconsin is full of great schools and great teachers. We need to make sure they have the tools to continue providing a quality education to our children. If funding isn't increased, I'm worried about the future of our schools.  I fundamentally disagree with Governor Walker's decision not to allocate any new money to schools in his last budget," said Snyder.

Along with his education pledge, Snyder says he will work across the aisle with Democrats. He, like many voters, are frustrated with the partisanship that seems to be incredibly rampant at the State Capitol.

“Our area doesn't need a career politician who says one thing to get elected and does another in Madison," said Snyder.  "We need an independent leader who will stand up to the status quo."

As a member of the Legislature in 2013, his opponent, Mandy Wright, had the opportunity to support a $300 million increase in funding for K-12 education. Instead of standing with our students, our families, and our community, she stood with liberal Madison politicians and voted against that increase.

"Mandy Wright may claim she supports education increases, veterans programs, and saving money for taxpayers, but her voting record proves otherwise. Wright turned her back on Wausau families and voted against an increase for K-12 education, against a tuition freeze, against funding for veterans programs, and against a property tax freeze," said Snyder. "Our area deserves someone who will keep their promises and do what's best for us, not what's best for the Madison party bosses."


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